The E-Skills programme is an initiative of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT), under the Enterprise Development unit, which aims to enhance the financial management capacity of entrepreneurs by providing them with the opportunity to receive training on accounting software. One of the key strategies of the Department is to develop and grow businesses by exposing them to and supporting them to take up procurement opportunities, in order to grow their businesses and create jobs.

Recent research has highlighted that existing enterprises have a far better chance of being sustainable and create sustainable jobs. The position of the Department therefore, is to support more mature and viable SMMEs by upgrading their financial management capacity. It is with this shift in approach to SMME support that the E-Skills Programme aims to provide the following to qualifying SMMEs:

  • Two day training on an accounting software package and,
  • A licenced copy of the accounting software will be issued upon completion of the training.

Who qualifies for access to the E-Skills Programme?

  • All applicants must be permanent residents of the Western Cape,
  • All businesses must be operating/ based in the Western Cape,
  • All businesses must be in operation for 12 months or more.
  • All businesses must provide the Department of Economic Development & Tourism with a valid Tax Clearance Certificate of Good Standing,
  • All Close Corporations and/or companies must submit copies of their CK1 or CM1 documents, indicating the members of the CC or Company,
  • All applicants must have a turnover of less than R5m and provide either a BEE Certificate or a letter from their accountant / accounting officer as proof.
  • Certified copies of the Identity Documents of all the members must also be included.
  • All applicants must be computer literate and have access to a computer to install the accounting software on.
  • The above mentioned documents need to be emailed or faxed or hand delivered to our offices at 80 Burg Street, Waldorf Building, Cape Town, and on receipt, the admin officer will contact the client to acknowledge receipt.

The Department hereby requests the details of prospective businesses that would show an interest in participating in this programme. It is envisaged that each participating business would have to set aside a maximum of two (2) days to complete the training.

All costs relating to the training and software will be borne by the Department.

For further information you are welcome to contact the following persons:

Patricia September Margot Willemse
Tel: 021 483 4934 Tel: 021 483 9427
Fax: 021 483 4892 Fax: 021 483 4892

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