The Garden Route ICT Incubator would like to invite entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts to join a 3D Printing course sponsored by the Western Cape Provincial Government and G3ECS Technology Club. It is a 12 week evening programme starting in April and we are looking for suitable candidates to apply for the sponsored seats as well as private individuals who want to join in the course or provide mentorship and support (or just hang out with the G3ECS :P)

3D Printing is a revolutionary development in science and technology and we want to give our local schools and entrepreneurs a glimpse of the endless possibilities this innovation can unlock. The participants will not only learn about 3D technology but actually build their own 3D printer and own it in their school or business afterwards.

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For further information  contact us on if you have questions.


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3 Responses to 3D Printing Course at the Garden Route ICT Incubator

  1. Good day, I’d like to apply for a sponsored seat in the ICT Incubator course you’re presenting in the Garden Route. I believe I am a suitable candidate and would like to get involved in the 3D technology. Thanks Althea

  2. Paul Kirstein says:

    Hello there, I’d also like to apply for a sponsored seat in the ICT Incubator course. I did not see the requirements, but if interest and willingness to learn is in there, I’m sure I’m at the top.