If you haven’t seen our device lab yet, where have you been hiding?

It is a great place to test your mobile apps, do some 3D printing or just have a cool meeting with your clients in a creative space (with free Internet at 20Mb/s nogal).

So we are expanding the device lab this year to do even more for you. We know how much you love to tinker and design and build and prototype stuff – but where do you get access to the serious electronics equipment in the Garden Route?

In a few short weeks from now you will be able to visit the Grincubator and get your hands on things like an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, soldering station and maybe, just maybe, a small CNC router to make PCB’s.

Something like this – just better 🙂


At the end of the day this is a facility for you… so we want to know what you like to see in the lab. What is going to make you more productive and ultimately more successful as a small business? What have you always needed in your workshop but just could never justify to buy for yourself? Here is your chance to help us build the ultimate FabricationStation. Tell us what you want in there.

Funds are limited so we can’t go completely bos, but build the wishlist! If you keep using the stuff, we’ll keep lobbying (and begging) to add more on your behalf from the gracious funders and sponsors.

We also call out to those guys with professional equipment rotting away in a garage somewhere. Donate it or lend it to the Gincubator. We’ll make sure it is put to good use by our members.

Please post your comments here or tweet @GRincubator or Facebook us with your ideas.

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