We’re putting together services to support local entrepreneurs as well as create new opportunities and reinvent services to make it easier for corporates to do business with SMMEs.

Here’s some of what we have to offer.

For Entrepreneurs and Innovators

We’re busy lining up services to make it easier for entrepreneurs and startups to grow and become stable. This include regular events, training as well as services to make your lives easier. We’ll be updating our events page with more information and sharing events on our social channels.

While we’re busy working on new services, here is what we’ve got to offer so far:

Access to shared facilities:

  • 10 Seater Boardroom
  • Conference room that can be configured differently for different events
  • High speed, low latency internet connectivity
  • Mobile Device Lab for testing as well as a creative space for project meetings
  • Our Openstack prototyping environment under construction
  • Our 3D printer for hardware prototyping has been ordered and is on it’s way

Access to business and technical support:

  • Business plan facilitation
  • Ideation Sessions
  • Product and Business mentorship
  • Tender support
  • Accounting and Admin services
  • Software Product Prototyping

For Corporates and Government

We believe that for our country to prosper, business and government need to work together. Often this is difficult and we hope to create an enabling environment encouraging open communication and collaboration to solve our nations problems and create new work opportunities through innovation and the development of a knowledge economy. Let’s work smart together.

Here’s some of the what we would like to offer larger organisations, but we’ll be working on growing the list to increase access and support where ever we can.

  • Supplier Development
  • Problem solving and Ideation sessions
  • Research projects
  • Project Management, allowing you to outsource work to SMMEs but have a single point of contact
  • Mentorship of technical staff and interns
  • Repurposing of decommissioned corporate ICT infrastructure

If there is something you need that’s not on the list, get in touch with us and we’ll see if we can help or point you to someone who can.